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Developed by using high technology
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Developed by using high technology
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About Us

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through innovative products. We build great products to solve your business problems.

PT. Mura Maha Agung is a manufacturer of quality concrete blocks (paving blocks and hollow blocks), light brick and mortar (cement instant) established in 2008 in Pekanbaru - Riau. Progress and technological sophistication encouraged us to produce quality products, assisted by the best people of Riau, in accordance with the vision and mission of our company.

By upholding family values and professionalism as well as the use of modern technology and production machinery from Germany, we continue to strive to produce quality products, that are environmentally friendly and are easy to use by anyone, in order to compete with products locally and abroad.

Contact us for the right solution for your project needs.


We are a manufacturer of concrete and mortar products and are qualified with global standards that are widely recognized by consumers.


  1. Using modern machines with an integrated system.
  2. Produce quality products that can be used by the general public at an affordable price.
  3. Create jobs and boost the prosperity and social welfare of the local economy, especially Riau Pekanbaru.
  4. Highlighting the best people of the area as well as the reputation of Riau at the national level.

Our Product Quality

Using The Best Material

Fast, Neat and Efficient

High Adhesive Power

Ready to Mixed with Water